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Everyone Knows A Real Estate Agent...

You may know a part time agent who occasionally works in real estate, sells homes to family, or works in real estate part time while they take care of their children or work another job. While it may seem like a good idea or a charitable gesture to use your friend or family member to buy your new home - not using an expert may prove financially hazardous.

 At Cartwright Realty, we write and review a large number of contracts every year. The majority of contracts that come across our desks are contracts in which we represent the seller. This knowledge of how the Seller negotiates, what they want, and how they structure their offers gives us excellent insight on how to strategically negotiate for buyers.

 Our buyers save money on financing, immediate out of pocket closing costs, and the sales price. There may be things that are important to you other than the sales price, such as the closing date or having the Seller participate in a financial program like VA or FHA. Whatever your need may be, Cartwright Realty will help you get the home you want, the terms you need, with the service you deserve.


Everything You Expect From An Agent


•Help You Get A Loan — We have lenders that we highly recommend that can help you get the best terms and interest rate.

•Help You Find Properties To See — We give you our tools for searching for properties that meet your criteria.

•Get You Into Properties Quickly and Efficiently — We have a backstage pass when it comes to getting into homes and seeing as many homes as possible in the shortest amount of time will help you make a better buying decision.

•Give You Advice About The Property And What You Should Be Considering About Its Resale — We play Devil's Advocate, not Cheerleader.

•Compare Houses To Others On The Market — We use all of our tools and give them to you to, to compare the houses to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

•Get You Into a Legally Binding Contract With A Seller To Protect Your Rights — We dot all the i(s) and cross the t(s).

•Investigation Process — From looking at the Seller's Disclosure to understanding the addendums of a bank, we are there to work through the process with you.

•Negotiation Process — We take you through the whole contract and negotiation process.

•Inspection Process — We take you through the whole inspection process.

•Closing Process — We take you through the whole closing process.

This is a FREE service for the buyers because the seller pays the buyer's agent fees!



Tampa Bay Home Sellers

Did you know we can list your property for $500.00 upfront plus 1/2 of 1% (.005) of your sales price at closing?

This includes 50 points of marketing. Read more.

Home Buyers

Because we sell a lot of homes each year, we see hundreds of contracts, making us very knowledgeable about how the seller negotiates, what they want and how they structure their us excellent insight on how to strategically negotiate for our buyers. This is a FREE service to our buyers, as the seller pays the buyer's agent fee.

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